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Expert advice: Do 3 things to protect your aging brain

If you want to stay mentally sharp as you age, experts have three pieces of advice: Get more exercise, control your risks for cardiovascular disease and work with your doctor to head off medical conditions and drug side effects that might impair your thinking. While you might also benefit from some other strategies — including staying socially active, getting enough sleep and engaging in stimulating activities from reading to music-making to formal brain-training games — the evidence for those approaches is not as strong. And there’s no good evidence that any drug or supplement will help. Read More
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Housing in Later Life: New Freedoms to Choose

Baby boomers are fast becoming the largest-ever generation of retirees: 75 million strong. As they move to and through retirement, how and where they choose to live will have a profound impact on our homes, families, and communities. In order to deeply understand these huge shifts, Age Wave, in partnership with Merrill Lynch, just completed a comprehensive study titled Home in Retirement: More Freedom, New Choices. We surveyed a representative sample of over 3,600 adults from all walks of life to uncover their priorities, dreams, challenges, and worries as they determine which geographic regions, communities, and homes they will live
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