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Caring for Older Relatives Is So Expensive That Even AARP’s Expert Filed for Bankruptcy

Unexpected costs can accumulate over time and overwhelm even most experienced of nation’s 53 million family caregivers By Clare Ansberry | Photos by Alyssa Schukar for The Wall Street Journal Feb. 20, 2022 Amy Goyer is AARP’s family and caregiving expert. She has written two books on the subject and has her own consulting business. “I am a caregiving expert. How did I end up in bankruptcy?” she says. Ms. Goyer depleted her savings and ended up relying on credit cards after being financially drained by costs related to caring for her parents. After more than a decade of caring
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Survey finds most remain unprepared for extended care

The Southern Berks News pressreader Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent survey from diversified financial services leader, Thrivent, found that perceptions toward extended care planning haven’t changed, and a significant percentage of Americans have not documented their plans, should the need for extended care arise. The survey defined extended care as non-medical care for those who need assistance with basic daily activities such as dressing, bathing or using the bathroom due to a physical or cognitive impairment. This research was conducted in partnership with data intelligence company, Morning Consult, and polled 2,200 adults across the country between March 11-15, 2021.
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