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Family feels less guilt when loved one moves to assisted living versus nursing home: study

By Kimberly Bonvissuto | McKnights Senior Living The majority of older adults (79%) responding to Genworth’s Caregiving in COVID-19 Beyond Dollars Study 2021 said they preferred to receive care in their homes, but only 42% actually received assistance at home. Comparatively, 5% said they wanted to be cared for in an assisted living community, whereas 13% actually moved into a community. Loved ones who moved an older adult into assisted living reported having greater feelings of guilt related to that move due limits to their ability to provide assistance (35%) compared with providing care at home (22%), moving an older
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The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer’s Journey

An Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis changes everything. It erases memories and your loved ones personality but it also changes how you can communicate with each other. This can be difficult for couples to endure, which is why Dr. Edward Shaw wrote “Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer’s Journey,” highlighting how him and his family dealt with his wife’s diagnosis
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