Brenda Larson

Brenda has been a Long-Term Care insurance agent for over 10 years because she enjoys helping individuals and their families understand the need for Long-Term Care insurance. Knowing that every 1 out of 2 people will require some type of long-term care help in their lifetime, she knows how critical the topic is and that everyone should have some type of protection. She works with multiple carriers in order to be able to help her clients pick the right policy to fit their needs and budget best. She is also knowledgeable about Medicare and Medicare plans, final expense, annuities, critical illness plans, and life insurance.

Brenda has had her own personal experience going through a long-term care situation when her father needed long-term care for one and a half years. He was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk. Unfortunately, he did not have long-term care insurance and it was up to her mother and the family to care for him at home. But as time passed, she learned (the hard way) that no one can afford to quit their job for an unlimited amount of time to care for a loved one. Brenda understands firsthand what can happen and what a family goes through in a long-term care situation.

Brenda is dedicated to doing her best to understand each of her client’s individual needs and wants in order to help them make the best choice for them. She works hard to gain her client’s trust and to have a lasting relationship with them for when they need her. Brenda is married with four children and three grandchildren. She enjoys camping, fishing, gardening, traveling and spending time with her family.

No one wants to work their whole lives only to lose what they’ve worked so hard for in a short period of time. I get the chance to help them and it is so rewarding. I look forward to helping you achieve your personal protection goals whatever they may be.”  – Brenda

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Toll-Free: 888-825-0231