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Casey Earl

Casey was born and raised in Papua New Guinea. His parents were missionaries there to indigenous people groups beginning in 1980. He is world-traveled and has a unique perspective in that he has had many opportunities to observe many cultures and lifestyles. Early in his career, he identified the overreaching need to make plans to care for his family, their health, and well-being.

Since arriving in the United States in 2001, Casey attended universities in the Midwest and found a knack for working with inner city youth to promote safety and fight gang violence. After establishing an organization in Milwaukee, Casey moved to Chicago to launch similar programs. Upon completion of his Degrees in Sociology, Urban Culture, and Business Communications Casey married and moved to Florida where he currently resides.

Long-Term Care insurance was something Casey knew very little about until it became relevant to him in his own family. Seeing his in-laws struggle with debt caring for their parents in final years prompted him to find a better solution going forward. He knows how the lack of resources and appropriate planning can be a great burden on his clients and their families. Casey is committed to helping his clients be prepared for their futures.

Casey is blessed with a wonderful family. He and his wife, Rachel, have 3 children – Isabella, Roman, and Emma. Casey and Rachel are licensed as Foster Parents in Florida and have been caring for high-risk cases since 2014. They are a close-knit family and enjoy spending time together, often ending up at the zoo or the beach.

“You can never go wrong by serving others.” – Gary Earl (Casey’s Father)

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