Kevin Schor

I grew up in Michigan, attended Michigan State University and then moved to Texas.  I have been in the DFW area now for over 40 years, married with 5 kids and 10 grandkids.  I’ve owned my own business for over 20 years.  However, my life took a whole different direction in 2020 after my wife started working in the Senior Home Care industry.

My interest in Long Term Care started with a close family member, my father-in-law, having major issues with Advanced Stage Dementia, needing around the clock care and supervision.  After he passed away, my wife went to work as the Company Liaison for a Senior Home Care Company in Dallas / Ft Worth.  After seeing so many families being totally ruined due to the high cost of home care for both themselves or a family member, I made the decision to get my license to sell and specialize in Long Term Care Insurance.

So many folks just don’t realize what is available and what their family’s needs will be as their family ages.  I felt like it was time for me to focus on getting the word out and really helping families learn about Long Term Care so they can prepare their family in advance for what’s coming for many of us as we age.


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