Randy Cherry

Randy has served the public in Sales and Marketing for over 45 years. His experience features a broad variety of skills that has made him proficient in company and consumer desired attributes. He has served with a fortune 500 company for 15 years and achieved their top sales awards and was promoted to the level of VP of Sales. Randy has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years up to the executive level but remains committed to the client because of his dedication to Consumer Satisfaction. Randy continues to be driven by his heartfelt compassion and concern for others motivating him to strive for excellence in whatever client project he currently serves.

Long Term Care is an insurance product that serves the needs of most individuals in the twilight of their lives. Many individuals work very hard for years to accumulate hard earned assets to have it consumed by uncontrollable circumstances of health or accident. Long Term Care also helps to preserve those assets for a fraction of the cost one might have to pay out of pocket for the same assistance if they were self-pay. This allows those unused assets to be available to a surviving spouse or to be passed on to heirs.

Randy is a single parent of two. A daughter 29 that also excels in Sales and Marketing and a Son 17 that enjoys Band at school and holds a Second Degree Black Belt in Taequando Martial Arts. He personally enjoys Bee Keeping and other outdoor activities around his hobby farm.