Ryan Casey







Ryan Casey grew up in the business and has seen first hand how much of a responsibility to serve our senior markets truly is. From an early age being the son of an insurance agent and seeing the struggles and successes that come with the business taught him how to always work hard and be proactive.  

In 1999 Ryan joined the GoldenCare team on a part time basis while working in telecommunications at the same time.  He is very passionate about his need to help others and educate all he meets. Ryan looks forward to each opportunity that he can guide folks who are looking for the best options, also seeing many products be used or needed by family members, it’s always smart to have everything covered.

Ryan also has his beautiful wife Traci working alongside him in the business.  A team is better than one, and three awesome children. He can also be found watching his kids play sports, playing golf, or doing yard maintenance!

Feel free to reach out to him anytime!

Contact Ryan Casey:
Toll-Free: 888-825-0231
Email: ryanc@goldencare.com