Stacey Bronson

I was born in South Minneapolis, (Go Tigers!). I always knew that Healthcare was my heartbeat I began my professional career with 10 years as a Certified Medical Assistant followed by 6 years in Medical Billing/Claims.  Being on the front lines of patient care to the financial back side of claims processing and collections, I know how important it is to be covered. Now as an Insurance Agent with GoldenCare who offers all the top-rated Long-Term Care products in the industry, I can apply my training and combined experience to create awareness of your options step by step for you!

You never think “it” could never happen to you or your loved one’s until “it” does. In my family, no one ever wanted to talk about the big pink elephant in the room, (Medicare, Extra Help, Long-Term, Prescription Coverage and especially Term policies!) Unfortunately for my family we did not learn a part of love is planned protection until after it was too late, and it is certainly the hard way. When “it” happened, naturally we all wanted the best of quality care available to them.  Seeing our loved one struggle through Cardiovascular issues to no end “it” humbled us. Without coverage: our financial limits were tested, all the family felt it, tears fell, and meals were missed.

I am a mother of 3 young ladies that make me so proud as they dream and achieve! I enjoy cooking the finest in American Soul Food, Jamaican and West African cuisines for and with my very large extended family.  Football is a big deal for us however, me being the only Packer fan can be tough in Viking Country!

I understand how delicate Long-Term or Medicare conversations can be. Lucky for you, the hardest part is over if you are reading this, and I am here to help you understand the rest! Let my story be the last of its kind.