November Is Long-Term Care Awareness Month!

Have you planned ahead to secure your financial future?

In today’s world, home is more important than ever. It’s the one place we all feel safe and secure. November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month, an event recognized by Congress and a number of states, designated to educate Americans on the growing need for long-term care (LTC).

Long-Term Care Awareness Month is all about planning ahead, having a strategy, and alleviating some of the burden placed on family members. Long-term care is a family affair, as the majority of caregivers are family members. Providing long-term care services for a loved one is expensive, stressful and emotional.

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, families will be gathering and sitting around tables, reminiscing and discussing future plans. While not everyone will need LTC insurance, we know everyone needs a plan.

or those who have not yet considered long-term care insurance as a possible part of their plan, our hope is that it becomes a topic of discussion in the coming months.

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