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Real Life Stories

Real life accounts of a families experiences with needing long-term care and why their decisions to purchase long-term care insurance saved their lifetime of savings, assets and freedom of choice of how and where to receive care.

Sharon & Peter

Sharon and Peter’s Real Life Long-Term Care Story. Both experienced difficulties when their parents needed care so they chose to protect themselves with long-term care insurance. Sharon is now suffering from arthritis. She is glad she chose early to be protected for her long-term care needs.

Linda & Jim

Linda, age 62, and her husband Jim, age 68, tell their account of their experiences with needing long-term care. Jim suffered from a stroke. His wife Linda is able to stay at home with him to be his caregiver because they were protected with long-term care insurance.

5 Reasons to Consider Long-Term Care

Protecting My Assets

Avoid Becoming A Burden To My Family

Obtaining High Quality Care

Advantages of Purchasing Early

Achieving Piece of Mind