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Learn more about the variables that impact the cost of long-term care and get up-to-date information on pricing in your state.

How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?

As more and more people live and age, the more people that will require long-term care. As that need goes up and demand follows, costs for this type of care are expected to rise in the coming years. By 2030, seven out of ten Americans will require long term care at some point in their life.

Rising prices have impacted both private and semi-private rooms per night rates. Unfortunately, these figures are expected to continue on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future.

Annual Cost for a Semi-Private Room = $104,025

Annual Cost for a Private Room = $116,800

Estimated Annual Totals in 2030

$127,938 – Semi-Private

$143,649 – Private

*Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2021, conducted by CareScout, August 2022;

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