Customer Testimonials

For nearly 40 years, GoldenCare has been providing quality long-term care solutions and insurance protection at the lowest possible cost, with the highest level of service across the country.


I told my sister I would ask you after we saw if I actually got approved as she has some of the same issues that I do. I will let her know you will be contacting her soon!

Thank you for all the help with the LTC Insurance. I can’t believe it but am very, very pleased.

– Jeannie, Missouri

It’s a great relief knowing that I will not be burdening my children with my end stage care. Having seen the great need first hand, I highly recommend this insurance not only for the financial benefit but for the peace of mind knowing it will be there when I need care.

-Marie, Minnesota

Thank you again for all your help with our insurance woes– with Ralph qualifying for the Long-Term Care and myself qualifying for Critical Care due to my health issues.

-Cindy, Indiana

Thank you so much for the extra help you’ve given me.  I would be lost without your kindness.

– Sabina, Minnesota

We were both very pleased with the presentation last Monday night and feel really good about the decision for LTC insurance.

Paula, Tennessee