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Stay Golden: Making the Best of Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities are never a fun discussion topic, because of how delicate a conversation they can be.  As we grow older, it’s the last thing we want to think about, but as a loved one grows older, it’s something we’ll eventually have to consider.

There’s no facility that’s going to take care of our loved ones as well as we do.  However, staying engaged and involved with our loved ones’ care will only help the facility provide the best care possible.  We recommend considering facilities that are well-kept with a vibrant, welcoming staff and wealth of activities available for residents.  When vetting potential facilities, it’s important to note the environment and interactions between residents and the staff.  Our latest Stay Golden story talks about one experience in particular and how it changed that person’s view of life in long-term care facilities.

“For nearly a year, I spent a great deal of time with my mother-in-law during dinner.  We’d talk about our day, the news and other ongoings in our lives.  It was a really special time that we had together.  However, I noticed that nobody else in the dining room was having that type of experience during dinner.

One day, I met a nice elderly lady named Celia, who suffered from cerebral palsy.  Each evening, the staff would bring her to the dining room and put her at a table far away from others with her back to the rest of the room.  I never really thought much of it until Celia raised her hand one night and asked for help.  None of the staff paid any attention to her, so I made my way to her table to see if I could provide any assistance.  During her meals, Celia always had a cup of tea and during dinner that night, someone had forgotten to bring it to her.  I proceeded to bring Celia her tea and helped her move to a different table so that she could see and interact with the other diners.

From then on, I would bring Celia her tea and spend a few minutes with her each night.  As we continued spending time together, I learned more about her and her family.  Despite her body being weak, it was evident that she had a sharp mind.  I am glad I met Celia and won’t forget the time we spent together.”