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The Continuum of Long-Term Care

 hootieHootie’s Take: Proper planning can allow you to maximize your time at home before considering costly long-term care facilities.

Many receive long-term care at their homes or at community centers or adult day care centers. Institutionalized living is not always required, and proper long-term care planning may allow one to remain at home longer than otherwise possible. For many, staying at home will be preferable during the transition when more long-term care assistance starts to be needed. However, additional options along the continuum of care include assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and nursing homes.

Though some of these may be skipped for any individual, help for long-term care needs generally progresses along these lines:

  1. Assistance provided by friends and families
  2. Home visits from health care aides
  3. Adult day care centers
  4. Assisted living
  5. Nursing home
  6. Hospice

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