How has working at GoldenCare changed your perspective on Long-Term Care?

We asked a few employees at GoldenCare to answer this questions, “How has working at GoldenCare changed your perspective on Long-Term Care?” Here’s what they had to say:

“With the recent death of a parent and the costs associated with their care, I realize how important it is to have something that provides financial support so the family has a sense of balance in times of hardship. Through this personal experience and the knowledge I’ve gained working at GoldenCare, I understand the importance of having a plan in place along with Long-Term Care insurance. I had no knowledge that long-term care wasn’t covered by regular health insurance. I didn’t know what Long-Term Care insurance was, how it worked or what it covered prior to working here.  Now I understand the importance of having this valuable asset in my portfolio and I  encourage all family members to think about purchasing LTCi before the need arises and it’s too late to qualify.”

“Before working at GoldenCare, I didn’t know what Long-Term Care insurance was. After learning about it I purchased insurance for my husband and I right away. I’m thankful to have the piece of mind that if I were to get an illness or injury, I will have the proper resources and care so I’m comfortable and my family’s lives won’t be turned upside down. It’s very comforting and definitely worth every penny.”

“I really didn’t know anything about Long-Term Care (LTC). I had hardly heard the word when I first started working at GoldenCare. I have learned that LTC is needed in many situations, not just for the old but also for the young (accidents, illness etc.). Like many others, I was very surprised to learn LTC wasn’t covered by regular health insurance or Medicare.

When a family member, who is a vet, got Alzheimer’s, I realized what LTC insurance was meant for. His assets became depleted and his legacy was left with nothing but memories. Memories are great. But with the heartache of debt from his LTC needs and the difference of opinions in decision making about his care, it can become a burden and can create hardships in the family.

With the population living longer due to medical advances, the majority of us will need LTC at some point in our lives. Hopefully, most of us can have a plan in place for our families to follow and to cover the cost of home health care so we can stay at home as long as possible. Long-Term Care insurance is the best bet for staying at home longer.”

By talking with your family beforehand, you can eliminate the stressors your family will likely go through later in life. Discuss your Long-Term Care wishes with those you love.