The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer’s Journey

The topic of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be a sensitive one, yet it touches home for so many people. A few years ago, I wrote a book with Deborah Barr (MA) and Edward G. Shaw (MD) to share an innovative application of the five love languages to create an entirely new way to touch the lives of the five million Americans who have Alzheimer’s, as well as their fifteen million caregivers.

At its heart, Keeping Love Alive As Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages® and the Alzheimer’s Journey is about how love gently lifts a corner of dementia’s dark curtain to cultivate an emotional connection amid memory loss. It’s a collaborative, groundbreaking work between a healthcare professional, caregiver, and relationship experts

If you or someone you love is feeling overwhelmed by the relational toll of Alzheimer’s, you’ll find Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade to be an encouragement. You are not alone.

I want to leave you with a moving interview with the book’s co-author, Edward Shaw, as he recounts his own wife’s early onset diagnosis, progression, and journey through Alzheimer’s. It is truly moving to hear how he and his family personally used the Love Language™ concepts to emotionally connect with his wife during that time.

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Using “The 5 Love Languages” for Alzheimer’s patients
An Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis changes everything. It erases memories and your loved ones personality but it also changes how you can communicate with each other. This can be difficult for couples to endure, which is why Dr. Edward Shaw wrote “Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer’s Journey,” highlighting how him and his family dealt with his wife’s diagnosis