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DavyLynne Wills

DavyLynne Wills is a Certified Long Term Care Specialist (you can call her Davy) She was named after her father, David, who wanted a daughter named after him. Her father is currently receiving long term care services in his home.

DavyLynne has served in management positions in hospital and long-term care settings, having seen first-hand the user end experience of long-term care and how this impacts families.  Most recently, she has worked for a fortune 300 company for 7 years as a Financial Professional. She developed a keen understanding of the financial impact on client income and assets when a long-term care need arises.  Her desire to focus solely on finding appropriate long term care insurance solutions for clients, led her to search out the leading Long Term Care Insurance provider which is Goldencare USA. Her ability to listen and provide the education you are seeking to assist you in creating a  customized plan for your situation is why she is here.

Outside of work, DavyLynne spends time with her family on their family farm where she enjoys growing flowers.  You will also find her visiting her children at college and watching sporting events.

We look forward to hearing about the compassion and help you will receive from DavyLynne.

Toll- Free: 1-888-825-0231

Email: davyw@goldencare.com