Tiffany Rustman

Tiffany strives to help others in any way she can and finds the most rewarding sense of pride when she succeeds in any challenge or task.  An entrepreneur at heart, Tiffany built her foundation on helping and educating others. In 2013, she opened and successfully operated her own business. Currently, Tiffany is writing a book based on the psychological development of children through adulthood. She is also a recognized artist in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Nevada. Tiffany has two little boys, who keep her busy and motivated. William is five years old and Soren is three years old.

Tiffany joined GoldenCare in 2020 after deciding to leave a company that had a “One Stop Shop Approach”, offering Health & Life, Annuities, Long-Term Care, Medicare, Cancer, and Supplemental Insurance. She wanted to focus on a single product and expand her knowledge and expertise on Long-Term Care insurance; something she believes everyone should have in place. Tiffany witnessed first-hand, her great grandparents’ devastating financial loss and lack of quality care, after never having LTCi in place for when they needed it. She currently holds active licenses in seven states: IN, IL, IO, MA, NJ, NY, and AL.

GoldenCare USA offers a diversified portfolio that allows Tiffany to help and advise her clients more effectively. Respecting your wishes, goals, and budget, she is able to accurately research and present LTC products to each individual; because one size does not fit all in Long Term Care.

I came to GoldenCare because of the support system in place, which works. Not just for the agents, who are well educated and continue to gain knowledge on their products and ever-changing market. Also, the clients that I have built long-term professional relationships with. I am confident in my profession, and would be honored to show you just how amazing GoldenCare can be for you!”