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Ronald Stoller

Ronald Stoller was already an insurance agent, in Life & Disability Insurance, when his father asked him to look into Long-Term Care Insurance. His mother’s family history included heart attack and breast cancer. His mom became his first Long-Term Care client. Following her own heart attack and breast cancer, his mother used her Long-Term Care policy benefits for the last four years of her life. She decided to receive care at home. Her policy allowed her to maintain her lifestyle, independence and took the burden of care from his father, brother and himself until her passing.

His father still lives in the same townhouse. Over the years, he has realized that the policy has eased the emotional, the physical, and the financial effect that Long-Term Care has not only on the individual but also their family and friends. Now helping others and their families as he did his mother, Ronald can help you plan for the biggest risk to your nest egg. He has seen what a little planning can do if your health changes.

A licensed insurance agent for more than 20 years in over 20 states.

Ronald is married to his wife who is a grade school teacher. They have three married daughters. Ronald enjoys gardening, woodworking & hanging out with his kids.

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