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Michael Johnson

Mike has spent over 40 years in the insurance industry as an insurance agent and Regional Manager. Most of his time has been spent in Long-Term Care insurance. Mike first came to know about Long-Term Care when his wife’s grandmother had gone through $300,000.00 of her savings and then the Nursing Home wanted her house. Mike had wondered why it wasn’t covered by her regular health insurance. The following year, Mike found that there was a new product, Long-Term Care insurance, which covered Nursing Home Care, Home Health Care & Assisted Living. He enjoys helping people protect their assets, giving them the choice of where to receive care and giving them piece of mind of not having to worry about burdening their family members for the cost of Long-Term Care.

For Mike, Long-Term Care is not an insurance sales job, but a calling. Mike has been called on to represent other products but after having experienced his wife’s mother’s situation, as well as his own father’s similar situation, he feels it is what he is most needed for. Mike is also very knowledgeable of all the products related to retirement. He makes sure his clients have the protection they need and helps them make those sometimes difficult financial decisions.

Mike is from Evansville, Indiana and most of his family also lives there or in surrounding areas. He enjoys playing golf, traveling and going site-seeing.

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